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Oct 23 2015

Getting exercise done

Finding the time to exercise, and maintaining motivation, can be difficult for a lot of people.

Pressure to be at work early and leave late and then be home for kids or with a partner can often wipe out any possible free time and energy to do exercise.

There are a range of reasons why people exercise;

  • To be healthy, as guidelines would recommend
  • To help with weight loss and maintenance
  • To do more than guidelines, and be fit
  • To look good
  • For fun with friends and play sport

Apart from allocating time, there can be other barriers to exercise;

  • Injury or chronic pain
  • Intense periods such as exams, increased work demands, young children
  • Lack of daylight in winter at either end of the day
  • Cost of gym membership
  • Business travel
  • No interest or a dislike for exercise


When talking with patients I find the most common factor is lack of a routine that would allow for some exercise and lack of experience in types of exercise that might meet the needs of a demanding lifestyle.

I often try and remove barriers and might make some of the following suggestions;

  • Try and get the session done in 30 minutes.  Some gym goers think they need to find 60-90 minutes to do a session.
  • Allocate 2 weekdays for exercise, plus the weekends = 4 sessions.  People often can’t get started because that think they suddenly need to find time each day for exercise.
  • Try and do some exercise that involves putting on sneakers and walking out of your front door.  What I mean is walking, running, cycling that eliminates the cost of a gym and the time required to get there and back
  • Try and work towards a balanced routine of cardio, upper body and back and core.  Typically upper body and back are tortured by desk jobs and a strong core will prevent a lot of injuries.
  • Get expensive sneakers $160-$220 to minimise risk of feet problems
  • Try and do exercise with family so that you can tick two boxes; exercise and family time.
  • Get some exercise gear for the backyard like a spin bike and some basic weights.  This is time efficient and also stops family members complaining you are not at home.
  • Go on a diet, stop alcohol for a few weeks and eat well as the package of weight loss, healthy diet and a new exercise program is very powerful for happiness.


My program, which I’ll list below is based on the following;

  • I’m 38 years old, not 22.  I joined the Army at 22 so can easily compare what I was able to do back then with now !
  • I need to get my exercise done quickly
  • I love exercise and would do lots every day if I could
  • I have to exercise otherwise I go mad
  • I have had some minor injuries and should be careful about pushing myself too far
  • I want to feel and look healthy, fit and strong


My current routine (for the last 6 months) includes

  • 5 runs a week each lasts 25-30 minutes and I don’t run too fast
  • 2-4 gym sessions, close to home, for upper body and core that last 20 minutes each
  • 1-2 horse rides
  • As much incidental walking as possible
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