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May 18 2018

High fat

For the last 9 months or so I’ve been doing the high fat, some protein, ultra low carb diet some people call the Ketogenic diet.

Before this I was just on low carb for many years.

I’ve enjoyed the freedom to eat fat, which I avoided for the last ten years, and to eat meat in more balance.  I don’t miss sugars too much, probably because I can get foods and drinks with sweetners, and mostly I don’t miss the carbs.

My energy levels for exercise are super, but I guess I’m allowing my body more rest time too. But I think on the days when I’m really low in carbs, my sleep is affected.

One nice benefit is a pretty low body fat percentage which feels good.

I also like to have a good 12-20 hour fast each day.

I think in the past when food was less available, high fat diets were the norm.  Fat gives good calories and can be stored, for example cured meats, cheese, butter, and was probably a staple of many meals.  Also not eating three meals a day was probably the norm in the past as well.

I think running a high fat diet works if there is no sugar or carbs to mess up the insulin and other metabolic hormones and factors.  That’s probably why fat is bad a lot of the time, because it is often combined with loads of sugar.

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