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May 18 2018


Dream..then feel it, know it, radiate it and create it

Let joy be your what makes you feel joyful

Free yourself from all that doesn’t resonate with your inner light..and let the inner light shine brightly

Let your old paths go as you find you and your new paths

Don’t carry others – serve by shining a joyous bright light that they may be inspired to find their own bright light

Never give up

Don’t be scared to be alone, to be facing the unknown, to step forward

Self love..then others

Be brave

Be childlike – in the moment, laughing, silly

Don’t be your own blocker

No fear – always ask yourself “if I had no fear what would I do”

Connect to your intuition, let it guide you and make you feel safe

With others – always be truthful, have integrity

Put yourself where you want to be, take the steps, make the changes, take the risks

Be connected to the universe, to nature

Be pure


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