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Sep 27 2015

Surround yourself with inspirational people and become inspired

I’m sure we have all had the experience of being energised by the presence of a person or group who inspires us or motivates us to perform at a higher level.

In fact a good leader should have this ability, but not all inspiration needs to come from those who are leading us.

Maybe you just caught up for quick coffee with a friend you told you about their new exercise program and diet, and their excitement and motivation inspired you to go and make the same changes.

I think a good leader has the innate ability to quickly pick up on where someone is at and throw some inspiration and encouragement their way.  As we know, a small well timed, genuine and sensitive comment can make a huge difference.

Conversely, a negative interaction or comment can shut down someone’s inspiration and drive within a moment; and some people are very sensitive to other people’s comments.

Whether it it is with friends, work colleagues or patients, more or less unconsciously I find myself trying to give people a boost. We all need a boost.

Recently over a dinner with a friend I had a feeling he was stuck in a rut with a few things, though it wasn’t the time or place or my business to go into it in detail.  I talked briefly about regaining control of his health (and self worth) with weight loss, better diet, exercise etc and how to do it.  Without ever asking me about that again he went and did it and has lost 10kg and is still going.  Well done to him.

I have always thought we should try and have people in our lives, whether at work or out of work that can inspire and motivate; to be better, to keep going, to take the next step, to have self confidence, to not give up.  Even a book, website, movie or story has it’s role to play in giving us a little boost.

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