george nisyrios | Where did January, February and March go?
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Apr 11 2016

Where did January, February and March go?

I think something strange happened this year.  Whilst we normally enter a new year with some hope and refreshed energy to leave some tricky or hard stuff behind and make some improvements in our lives, it feels like the last three months stopped all that from happening.

I saw it in my own life and those around me.  January wasn’t so refreshing, February was starting to be hard again and March was too hard.

So where do I see us now in April ?

I think, if we are lucky, April will turn out to be the January we didn’t have and lead into some fresh energy and movement for the next six months.

I can see that some people needed a few extra months at the start of this year to really make some determined effort to create change that had been resistant.

It will be interesting to see whether industry, business, financial markets, real-estate and governments also start moving and growing or maybe ending if there is no more forward pathway.

Either way, the pace of this year is faster then even the fast pace of last year and soon it will be half way through and then Christmas again.

Time to make things happen – and quickly they will.

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