george nisyrios | Why a muffin top ain’t too sexy
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Sep 16 2015

Why a muffin top ain’t too sexy

As fat goes up testosterone goes down.  

So fat (usually) = lower testosterone (and viagra generally wont work).

And fat also = inflamed liver, sleep apnoea, bad cholesterol, aches and pains, low self esteem, man goods, erection problems, cycle of feeling crap and eating and drinking more, diabetes etc etc

In recent years it’s been rare for me to see a patient who isn’t overweight.

And I’ld say that most overweight people don’t quite appreciate how overweight they are.  They often say “yeah I could lose a few kg” and my usual reply is “more like 10-15kg as a start”.

I found measuring the waist a very helpful indicator of where someone was at with abdominal obesity.  Often people weren’t too fussed about weighing a few kgs more then a few years ago, but when I could show them their waist measurement against published risk guidelines this would put it in greater perspective.

I found increased weight usually paralleled life stress, emotional issues, unbalance life, poor eating, no exercise and alcohol.

So losing weight represented only one part of the package that needed to be fixed.

Getting back on top of things, resolving and letting go of emotional and stressful issues, making positive life plans, creating time and balance for self and exercise, stopping alcohol and eating healthily created a total “improved, rediscovered, feeling good new you”. And any one who did this will never go back to the “old, fat, crap feeling past-self”.

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